Business Foundation Services and Tax Planning


In cooperation with our network of German and Spanish lawers, tax consultants and corporate consultants, we generate solutions for the specific requirements our clients.


 We’re your efficient and dependable partner in the following areas:

  • Initialization of Foreign Representation
  • Business Foundation
  • Tax Planning


Initialization of Foreign Representation

This service is aimed at businesses and business professionals that are not already operating in Majorca.

You have promising business idea for the island or are considering expanding your existing company’s location to include Majorca?

Are your worried about financial risk involved and wantto get know the market with little financial risk involved?

Then a foreign representation is the perfect solution!

Foreign representation solutions can also be a long-term attractive alternative due to tax aspects.


Business Foundation

Your foreign representation phase was successful and now you’d like to take the next step to expanding your business to Majorca? Or would you like to immediately make your start in Majorca?

Then allow us to ascertain the optimal business structure with you.

We then take care of the Foundation, in the shortest time and at the best price!



Tax Planning

Often foreign (semi-) residents are not clear on the varied fiscal risks nor the chances that Majorca has to offer.
The Mallorca Business Center is on hand to help lead your unharmed through the fiscal thicket, explaining existing risks and finding solutions to avoid them. Particularly, the network can also assist your company in finding legal options for optimizing your tax returns.

 It goes without saying that our tax consultant on location are available to take over your „daily business“ in Majorca – all bookkeeping, generation of fiscal statements and tax returns etc.