Consulting and Business Foundation Services




We’ve been consulting companies in Majorca since 1995 and are now even more efficient through our network of cooperation partners!


Our focus is on assisting German business professionals and business in Majorca. We also support German private property owners in Majorca.


We’re your efficient and dependable partner in the following areas:


  • General Business Consultation
  • Initialization of Foreign Representation
  • Business Foundation
  • Crisis Management
  • Launching of Services and Products
  • Marketing Research
  • Meditation with Trade Partners


Please se our additional information regarding tax planning.


General Business Consultation


Consultation and Support regarding the optimization of the organization structure of your company and its operational processes.


Initialization of Foreign Representation


This service is aimed at businesses and business professionals that are not already operating in Majorca.


You have promising business idea for the island or are considering expanding your existing company’s location to include Majorca? Are your worried about financial risk involved and wantto get know the market with little financial risk involved?


Then a foreign representation is the perfect solution!


Foreign representation solutions can also be a long-term attractive alternative due to tax aspects.


Business Foundation


Your foreign representation phase was successful and now you’d like to take the next step to expanding your business to Majorca? Or would you like to immediately make your start in Majorca?


Then allow us to ascertain the optimal business structure with you. We then take care of the Foundation, in the shortest time and at the best price!


Crisis Management


Who isn’t familiar with the saying “There’s an opportunity in every crisis”?


For someone personally experiencing a business crisis, this saying may at first sound offensive or even sarcastic, however we can help. We can open new perspectives for you and smooth the way for your company’s renaissance.


Launching of Services and Products


Both in addition to a general business consultation and as a stand-alone service, allow us to assist you with the launch of your new product or service in Majorca.


Marketing Research


Following the motto “Knowledge is Power”, we provide you with the necessary information about your market in Majorca. We clarify legal and fiscal aspects, analyze potential competitors, and structure your target group. At the end of this process you’ll have the detailed knowledge of your market in Majorca that you need in order to establish and assure a successful business.


Mediation with Trade Partners


The ancient Roman maxim “divide et impera” showed that you can’t do everything alone. It all comes down to the right contacts and structures – let us be of assistance in establishing these connections!